Riding At Our Cabin

This past weekend, we went down to our cabin in Mississippi & rode all weekend. It’s on Sardis Lake which is the biggest lake in the state. It’s 98,000 acres & even has a dam. They use this dam for flood control during the winter & keep the lake really low. So, in the fall & winter is about the only time you can really ride good down there. In the summer, the lake is so full you can hardly get to a lot of the trails. In the winter, you can even ride on the hard packed sand of the lake bottom.

It’s usually closer to the end of March before it gets high enough to block trails. We have had a lot of rain lately & this weekend was kinda tough for us to get to some of the trails. Still had a great time though & hope you enjoy this video. Click the link below to watch. Thanks for stopping by.

Sardis Ride