It’s Been Too Hot To Ride

Summertime in Memphis if just miserable. If you have ever been here this time of year, you know what I mean. People talk all the time about how hot it gets out West, but it’s not the same. I have been out there when I used to drive a truck. The humidity is what gets you here. Once it gets in the 90’s, it feels like your lungs will collapse when you just step outside for a minute. You don’t even have to move to start sweating. Anyway, just haven’t been in the mood to pack up & go riding lately because when we stop to rest or eat, it’s unbearable. Hope to get back at it soon & bring you all some cool new videos. 

I just busted through the 100 mark on subscribers to my channel…excited. So, just wanted to fill you all in & leave you with the video that has gotten the most views (over 9,600) on my channel so you could check it out. Hit that “subscribe” button & be looking out for new stuff soon. Thanks, click this link for the video. 

Most Views

Riding At Bikini Bottoms

This past Saturday five groups of us (two sxs’ & three atv’s) went to Bikini Bottoms in Dyersburg, TN to ride & check it out. It’s really a nice place for mudding, cool scenery (a river, a lake, & even a swamp with cypress trees), but just not quite big enough to go all the time (it’s about 70 miles from us). It was a nice change & we had a great time with some new friends. They even have an awesome zip line that you can ride. They host big hill climbing events too. 

I wouldn’t drive too far to get to it, but if you live pretty close to Dyersburg & haven’t been, it’s nice & has plenty of mud (we even got the Highlifter stuck) & not too tough of trails. They have a shower house & a water hose hooked up to kinda clean your ride off before you leave. It costs $10/person & they are open from 10:00 am – 7:00 pm on weekends. Gonna leave you with with one of the videos I put together from there that was all IPhone 7 Plus footage. Hope you enjoy. 

Bikini Bottoms

Riding in Tennessee

Ok, a little over a year ago when my wife & I got married she found this awesome & beautiful place for us to go on our honeymoon & go riding.  Yep, she’s that awesome…found the place & wanted to go (her idea). It is 40 miles north of Knoxville, Tn & is called Ride Royal Blue. We were there for five days & had an awesome time on our 4-wheeler. Two weekends ago (8th-12th) we decided to go back. We were able to take our two oldest boys this time because we now have two sxs’ (got rid of the 4-wheeler). There is basically 200,000 acres & 600 miles of trails that are on TWRA land & three campgrounds on this land. Royal Blue , Trail’s End Campground , & Sunquist. Each have cabins to rent, rv sites, & tent sites. You can buy 1 permit & ride all three of these. There is also Wind rock & Brimstone , however these two are private & require individual permits to ride them. 

This time we stayed for 4 days at Trail’s End. We rode the trails there all day on Friday & then on Saturday we loaded up & drove over to Royal Blue for the day. We haven’t ridden the other three, but love Royal Blue & Trail’s End. The scenery is just beautiful & the trails are as tough as you want or easy as you want. You have to make plans to get to one of these places. The trail’s are all numbered & marked, plus you can get a free map of the trails to follow. Trust me, it is well worth the trip & I know you will enjoy it. Gonna leave you with the first video I made from our footage from the day at Royal Blue. Check my channel for the one at Trail’s End & will be getting up more footage from both real soon. Catch you real soon. 

Riding at Royal Blue Part 1

Carter Offroad Park

Are you looking for a really nice ATV park to go to? Well my wife & I found this place a little over a year ago in Bryant, AR. We love it & have now been there three times. It’s right at 20 miles west of Little Rock off of I-30. It sits on 1,000 acres & has plenty of trails for the beginner on up to really hard & technical stuff. Plenty of mud, awesome hills, beautiful creek, beautiful scenery, & even an obstacle course. They host cool events & concerts there too. They have about 12-15 cabins, rv sites, & tent sites. There is an awesome food truck too that usually shows up on the weekends. If you are able to go & check them out, I think you will love it like we do. Here is their site. 

Carter Offroad Park
I wanted to post a couple of videos as well of part of our rides there. One is kinda an intro to my YouTube channel with footage from there & one is all footage from there. Hope you enjoy & check out my other videos too. 

Our 3rd Trip To Carter’s
Thanks & hope to catch you soon,

Jason (FlyHighDef)