Sugar Creek Trails

Our local riding spot here where we live is called “Sugar Creek Trails”. It’s a cool spot a man owns (about 500 acres) & he has let people ride out there like 30 years. It’s right outside of Memphis about 30 miles in Drummonds, TN. We ride here the most because it’s about the best around here & the closest to us. Once a year in May, they host an annual “Mud Bog” event which brings out all kinds of atv’s, sxs’s, trucks, jeeps, & even some monster trucks. Last year was mine & my wife’s 1st time out there to this event  & we couldn’t believe how big it was. So, this past Saturday the 13th we went back again. Had a really good time & hope you enjoy the footage I got. 

6th Annual Mud Bog at Sugar Creek 2017