Cool Camera View

I have been trying to think of different views & such to try & get for my videos. I finally tried it this past Saturday when I went riding with kids. There are two stabilizer type bars called “radius rods” above & below the rear axle so I decided to mount the GoPro to one of these. The intent was to get a partial view of the tire going through the mud & water. Also, anybody that is riding behind me (in this case, my youngest daughter). Where I messed up a bit was putting it on the driver’s side because that put the exhaust pipe in the view. I now know to put it on the other side next time. I think it still came out pretty cool though. 

This is the segment where we were riding in the creek & it did good because the water kept rinsing the camera off. I shot another 11 minutes on the trails & it got covered in dust & mud & you couldn’t see after that. There are a couple of times where the camera goes underwater a bit & that view is pretty cool I think. Hope you all enjoy & please stop by my channel & hit the “like” button & subscribe. Thanks. Hit the below link to watch the video. 
Cool View