Mudslangers In Mississippi

Back on October the 21st a small group of us went to a place that was new to us for a huge event. It’s called “Mudslangers” & is just inside Houston, MS. It’s a little over 800 acres & some of the best maintained trails we have ridden. We will for sure go back…easy drive too, only 134 miles from our house. They are open from March til October every other weekend. It has nice camping area, plenty of mud, huge water hole to play in, & long, steep, curvy hills that are kept in great shape. Check em out next season if you get a chance, you will love it.

From what I heard, it was an old family hunting club. They decided to have an event (because you know hunters have atv’s) & they made so much money they turned it into an atv park. Click the link below for the video. It was an event so you will see some trucks in the bounty hole & towards the end you will see the awesome trails they have. Enjoy & catch you all soon.



Cool Camera View

I have been trying to think of different views & such to try & get for my videos. I finally tried it this past Saturday when I went riding with kids. There are two stabilizer type bars called “radius rods” above & below the rear axle so I decided to mount the GoPro to one of these. The intent was to get a partial view of the tire going through the mud & water. Also, anybody that is riding behind me (in this case, my youngest daughter). Where I messed up a bit was putting it on the driver’s side because that put the exhaust pipe in the view. I now know to put it on the other side next time. I think it still came out pretty cool though. 

This is the segment where we were riding in the creek & it did good because the water kept rinsing the camera off. I shot another 11 minutes on the trails & it got covered in dust & mud & you couldn’t see after that. There are a couple of times where the camera goes underwater a bit & that view is pretty cool I think. Hope you all enjoy & please stop by my channel & hit the “like” button & subscribe. Thanks. Hit the below link to watch the video. 
Cool View