Riding At Bikini Bottoms

This past Saturday five groups of us (two sxs’ & three atv’s) went to Bikini Bottoms in Dyersburg, TN to ride & check it out. It’s really a nice place for mudding, cool scenery (a river, a lake, & even a swamp with cypress trees), but just not quite big enough to go all the time (it’s about 70 miles from us). It was a nice change & we had a great time with some new friends. They even have an awesome zip line that you can ride. They host big hill climbing events too. 

I wouldn’t drive too far to get to it, but if you live pretty close to Dyersburg & haven’t been, it’s nice & has plenty of mud (we even got the Highlifter stuck) & not too tough of trails. They have a shower house & a water hose hooked up to kinda clean your ride off before you leave. It costs $10/person & they are open from 10:00 am – 7:00 pm on weekends. Gonna leave you with with one of the videos I put together from there that was all IPhone 7 Plus footage. Hope you enjoy. 

Bikini Bottoms