cropped-img_198811.jpgWhere to begin…I’m 47 years old & recently married my first high school girlfriend from the 9th grade after 31 years apart. It has been a wonderful ride. I grew up racing motocross, 3 & 4-wheelers. Haven’t had or been on one in many, many years. My wife & I decided to get a 4-wheeler a little over a year ago. We started riding & going to actual ATV parks & quickly saw how popular the side by side’s (sxs) have gotten. So now we went & got a new 2016 Polaris RZR 1000 Highlifter edition & have freaking loved every minute of it since. I’m gonna try to write in here about our adventures of riding & letting you know how nice or not these ATV parks that we get to go to really are. Will try to bring you all tips & tricks as I learn them too. We live right on the edge of Memphis, TN & have been to three parks within 380 miles of us so far not including our two local riding spots. Have some great things to let you know about the ones we have been to so far & will save them for an actual post. I have started a YouTube channel so you can really get into our rides & see just what we do….love for you to stop by & subscribe at… FlyHighDef  I also post pictures of our rides on Instagram @FlyHighDef. So, sit back & enjoy the ride with us.





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